29 Signs You Ran Cross-Country In High School

Steep hills still make me want to barf.

1. You’ve had a sunburn like this.

Hot enough to fry an egg!

ID: 1239143

2. The phrase, “Pass them, don’t pace them” still fills you with dread.

ID: 1242267

3. You know that shopping for sneakers is an exhaustive, all-day event.

Pack a snack, folks, because this one’s gonna go through lunch.

ID: 1239205

4. But once you find the perfect pair, it’s like you’ve fallen into some magical Cinderella rubber slipper heaven.

ID: 1238999

5. There’s a photo like this hanging somewhere in your house.

ID: 1239203

6. This is what your feet looked like on any typical day.

Just another bandaid Wednesday…

ID: 1242942

7. You know the difference between track and cross-country, and it’s that real athletes run miles.

Sorry tracksters, but it’s true!

ID: 1239246

8. When heat waves come, you get traumatic flashbacks to after school practice…

ID: 1239280

9. …and that feeling that you might die, because it’s so hot you can’t breathe.

ID: 1238985

10. You know this to be absolutely true.

ID: 1239349

11. You think this looks terrifying…

ID: 1239562

12. But earning that downhill run was the best feeling in the world.

ID: 1242200

13. This was you in high school.

ID: 1242045

14. You’ve unintentionally mastered the art of avoiding getting hit by a car.

Because you were forced to run in the roads so much.

ID: 1239640

15. This is what your closet was filled with.

ID: 1242103

16. And you know there’s nothing sexier than running shorts.

Yes, they’re itty-bitty… what’s your point?

ID: 1242106

17. You and your friends would sometimes race each other “for fun.”

ID: 1242056

18. Binge eating pasta isn’t a problem for you.

Anyone down for a big pasta dinner?! No?! Just me? OK.

ID: 1242117

19. There was one person you always wanted to beat…

ID: 1242132

20. And if you did manage to run past them, it felt like you’d just been crowned the god of running.


ID: 1242175

21. You know that awful feeling of only being halfway through a run, and having to go to the bathroom.

ID: 1242158

22. Snot and runny noses happen, which is why long sleeves are awesome.

Sorry, it’s gross, but true.

ID: 1242184

23. The rain feels good in the moment…

ID: 1242124

24. Until you realize that you’re completely caked in mud.

ID: 1242241

25. You know that feeling when you’re mid-run and realize you might actually vomit up your insides.

ID: 1242268

26. Pain? You’ll tell everyone about it as soon as you’re able to breathe again.

ID: 1242291

27. Even though running made you feel great, you knew that if anyone took a photo it would be derpy.

ID: 1242325

28. Getting high? Yes, you know alllll about that.

Runner’s high, that is.

ID: 1242886

29. Even though it’s a lot of sweat and weird sunburns, cross-country is the best thing ever.

ID: 1239019

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