21 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask Your Friends With Kids

What happens if your kid joins a frat?

1. First of all, watch this so we can get the SUPER scary questions out of the way:

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2. Do you ever think, “Why the hell did I do this…?”

Like, you can just tell me. I won’t tell anyone.

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3. What happens if your kid turns out to be a little jerk?

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4. Like, it’s not your fault, it just comes out and is kind of dickish. What do you do?

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5. Because you know you can’t return this thing, right?

ID: 3241920

6. Exactly how much poop do you clean up on a daily basis?

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7. What do you do when you want to watch Game of Thrones?

Do you just wait for it to fall asleep?

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8. Are you offended when I call the kid “it” instead of by a real name?

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9. Do you ever see them crying and think, “There is no God”?

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10. Actually, just why do they cry so much? Is there a way to make it stop?

ID: 3242894

11. Do you feel bad when you have to punish your kids?

ID: 3241928

12. What do you do if you’re kid’s being a total weirdo?

ID: 3241952

13. Does your kid ever scare the shit out of you?

ID: 3242022

14. Do you ever wish you could hop in a time machine and just… NOT?

ID: 3242031

15. How much sleep do you ACTUALLY get each night?

ID: 3242765

16. What happens if you can’t tone down your cursing?

ID: 3242950

17. If you have more than one, will you love them both equally?


My guess is no, but…

ID: 3298208

18. When do babies stop being blobs and start being fun?

If ever…?

ID: 3243023

19. Are you nervous your kids will hear you having sex and be traumatized for life?

ID: 3243013

20. Does your house just get completely trashed every time they’re awake?

ID: 3243050

21. What do you do if your kid loves your partner more?

Buy their affection?

ID: 3243030


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