Dove Real Beauty Campaign Tells Men “Your Balls Are More Beautiful Than You Think”

It’s a parody video, but still—the message is just as important.

1. If you’ve seen Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign featuring a sketch artist, then you’ll appreciate this parody video.

The real Dove campaign hired a forensic sketch artist to draw women exactly how they described themselves, then compared that drawing with a description given by a stranger who had just met them. The results were insanely startling.

ID: 1123979

2. Which features REAL men.

ID: 1123949

3. Talking about REAL problems.

ID: 1123929

4. Like how they’re REALLY insecure about their soggy balls.

ID: 1123931

5. Watch the full video here:

ID: 1123887

6. And remember, fellas…

ID: 1123952

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