12 Disney Valentines That Will Destroy Your Childhood

Warning: Never search for Valentine’s Day Cards on Tumblr.

1. Timon knows what the word “moan” means.

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2. Shang wants to shag. :(

ID: 2377305

3. This whole new world.

ID: 2377311

4. Belle’s a beast.

ID: 2377271

5. Elsa the Snow Queen wants to shed some layers.

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ID: 2377319

6. Anna’s basically ready for anything.

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ID: 2377320

7. Olaf is kinda desperate.

ID: 2377329

8. Prince Charming’s pickup line isn’t as smooth as you’d think.

ID: 2377275

9. Flynn Rider from Tangled makes good on his last name.

ID: 2377262

10. Pumba’s a total perv.

ID: 2377279

11. Lightning McQueen is all about the speed.

ID: 2377337

12. Aladdin has a peen.

ID: 2377377

13. And Sebastian is totally DTF.


ID: 2377278

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