33 People Who Will Boost Your Ego

Sure, it’s been a long week, but at least you’re not these folks! Right…?

1. You aren’t being pooped on by a flock of seagulls.

The birds, not the amazing band.

ID: 1047521

2. You didn’t wake up to an obstacle course on your floor.

ID: 1047345

3. You’re not making out with someone while a cat’s on your back, and taking a photo of it.

ID: 1047331

4. You can throw a baseball farther than this athlete.


ID: 1047443

5. At least you’re not a creep reading Playboy in a crowded airport!

ID: 1047324

6. You didn’t post this to Facebook.

ID: 1047349

7. And you didn’t ask this question on Tumblr.

ID: 1047383

8. You didn’t reveal exactly how lonely you are with a twitpic.

ID: 1047550

9. You didn’t make this epic mistake.

ID: 1047487

10. At least your legs don’t turn to spaghetti when trying to buy beer.

ID: 1047478

11. You’re a much better pole dancer than this goddess.

ID: 1047481

12. You don’t have this tramp stamp.

ID: 1047547

13. Or this typo that can’t be erased.

ID: 1047802

14. You aren’t trying to survive a rain storm in this double poncho.

ID: 1047551

15. You don’t have an Easter basket attached to your head.

ID: 1047559

16. You didn’t jump off of a trampoline and shatter a slide while being videotaped.

ID: 1047560

17. You’re not part of the most epic non high five of all time.

ID: 1047568

18. You aren’t any of these people.

ID: 1047590

19. Your family didn’t make you paint your face and pose as one of the colors of the rainbow.

ID: 1047606

20. These aren’t your parents.

ID: 1047608

21. And your mother didn’t own you over text.

ID: 1047656

22. At least you’re not this fedora-loving man.

ID: 1047668

23. Your license plate won’t terrify children.

ID: 1047676

24. You know how the difference between dognuts and doughnuts.

ID: 1047678

25. You aren’t rocking this look on your commute.

ID: 1047736

26. This isn’t your OkCupid profile.

ID: 1047790

27. And neither is this.

ID: 1047807

28. When you steal a guitar, you know there’s a better way than this…

ID: 1047803

29. You don’t have this wish stealing brother by your side.

ID: 1048024

30. Kobe Bryant didn’t just let you know that he gives zero fucks about what you’re saying.

Poor Chris Rock.

ID: 1048029

31. You didn’t just have all of your swag shaved off.

ID: 1048030

32. You didn’t just lose your self-respect.

ID: 1048035

33. And you probably know the answer to this, because you have basic common sense.

ID: 1047811

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