27 People More Awkward Than You

Here’s an easy way to feel better about your life choices.

1. This couple who wore fishnets over their prom clothes.

ID: 837201

2. The teammate who copped a really big feel.

That’s intimate.

ID: 827295

3. These parents humiliating their adorable baby.

This kid should watch an “It Gets Better” PSA.

ID: 827264

4. And this other baby who doesn’t know what a glass door is.

ID: 826601

5. The bowling champion.

ID: 826597

6. The illegally hot stud.

ID: 826803

7. The kid who hasn’t heard of gravity.

ID: 826851

8. Same with Spider-Man.

Use your web-shooters!

ID: 826902

9. The guy dancing with a cat who gives zero fucks.

Kitty is not impressed.

ID: 826889

10. The man playing with his magical wolf friend.

ID: 827268

11. The “Step Up 5” extra.

ID: 826856

12. Or the cheerleader who twerked too hard.

ID: 826906

13. The woman trying to cut bread with a doorstop.

Great manicure, though!

ID: 826936

14. This criminal.

And his luscious locks.

ID: 827254

15. Ryan Gosling’s sexual prowess.

It only bothers us that we’re not there. :(

ID: 826938

16. The man with a super-confident bar lean.

Dat. Ass. (!!!)

ID: 827262

17. Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

ID: 826950

18. This brave soul.

ID: 826952

19. Every person wearing white while eating ice cream.

Or after Labor Day, for that matter.

ID: 827005

20. The model wearing heels for the first time.

And walking on butter, apparently.

ID: 827015

21. The lady who fell in love with Ronald McDonald.

…in a hopeless place.

ID: 827300

22. And the man who stole Ronald from her.

ID: 827304

23. The kid who just wants cereal.

The trick is to lift then pour.

ID: 827048

24. The guy with suspicious tan lines.

ID: 827716

25. Kim Kardashian’s cry face.

ID: 827720

26. These two cool white guys.

Stuck between a handshake and a fist bump.

ID: 827722

27. And the most unfortunate timing ever.

The Edward and Jacob fanfic practically writes itself.

ID: 827245

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