22 Ways Your Cat Is Your Significant Other


1. The snuggling. Of course.

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2. The constant affection.

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3. You put their needs before your own.

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4. You encourage them to be open about what they want out of life.

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5. You love just staying in and watching TV together.

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6. Even chores are fun when you’re together.

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7. You support each other.

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8. You’re there for them when they get stressed.

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9. And vice versa.

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10. They miss you when you go to work.

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11. You could look into each other’s eyes for hours.

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12. You can tell immediately if they’ve had a bad day.

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13. And you know just what to do to cheer them up.

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14. You take good care of each other.

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15. Sometimes you just watch them sleep and feel at peace with the world.

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16. This is your biggest fantasy.

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17. Sure, there are the occasional fights.

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18. And you act mad at each other to get attention.

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19. Maybe play hard to get.

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20. But it doesn’t take long for you to get back on the same page.

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21. Because you just can’t stay mad at each other.

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22. And that’s true love.

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