23 Ways Your Significant Other Is Actually Your Best Friend

Bathroom doors? Lol what are those?

1. You’re incapable of taking a nice photo together.

ID: 1398913

2. You probably have a secret handshake.

ID: 1398788

3. Your dates look less like this…

ID: 1398903

4. …And more like this.

ID: 1399257

5. You’re very much in sync.

ID: 1399358

6. You’re usually the best dancers on the floor at weddings.

ID: 1398862

7. You pretty much win Halloween every year.

ID: 1399536

8. You know it doesn’t matter what you look like around them, so you’ve stopped caring.

ID: 1401888

9. If you show up to a party without your S.O., you spend the entire night answering, “Where’s your other half?”

ID: 1399918

10. There’s a lot of playful groping.

ID: 1400138

11. You know exactly how to cheer each other up, and it usually involves teasing.

ID: 1408792

12. Actually, teasing is a general theme in all facets of your relationship.

ID: 1404355

13. You have more fun running errands together than most people have on a Saturday night.

ID: 1400177

14. Private time is a thing of the past.

ID: 1400723

15. Your wedding photos will probably look like some variation of this:

ID: 1398833

16. You may or may not have built an adult pillow fort together.

ID: 1400894

17. It’s sometimes hard for you to complete projects together.

ID: 1401767

18. Leaving the house quickly becomes overrated.

ID: 1401834

19. You fantasize about all the shenanigans you’re going to get into when you get older.

ID: 1401534

20. Sometimes you feel like you’re turning into each other.

ID: 1401917

21. Because you literally share everything.

ID: 1402136

22. But that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

ID: 1402110

23. Because who else would you rather be than your best friend?

ID: 1402228

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