13 Times People Barely Wore Clothes To The VMAs

Lady Gaga is hardly the first. And won’t be the last. (NSFWish outfits)

1. Carmen Electra - 1997

Getty / Brenda Chase

If she stood against a black background and you squinted your eyes, she’d look like the skinniest woman who ever lived.

2. Lil’ Kim - 1999

Getty / Brenda Chase

That’s not a pasty, her nipples are seashells. It’s a rly serious condition, you guys.

3. Rose McGowan - 1998

Getty / Brenda Chase

If you want to destroy my dress (whoa oh oh oh) / Hold this thread as I walk away.

4. Pamela Anderson - 2001

REX USA/Erik C. Pendzich

Her chest is in boobie jail. They were partners in crime. :(

5. Christina Aguilera - 2002

Getty / Frank Micelotta

You know when it’s too hot for a scarf, but you really, really want to wear a scarf?

6. Silvina Luna - 2004

Getty / Peter Kramer

So brave for showing up to an awards show after saving those people from a fire. Nearly lost her dress!

7. Lenny Kravitz - 2004

Getty / Frank Micelotta

Angels aren’t bound by earthly things like shirts.

8. Coco - 2005

Getty / Evan Agostini

Two soccer balls in a net, tell me not.

9. Anna Nicole Smith - 2005

Getty / Kristian Dowling

So coy!

10. Steve-O - 2006

Getty / Peter Kramer

His shirt must have been at the cleaners.

11. Darren McMullen - 2007

Getty / Darren McMullen

Underwear was so last year.

12. Random streaker - 2011

He’s not naked, he’s wearing his hands.

13. Lady Gaga - 2013

Getty / Larry Busacca

I heard her butt is getting its own record deal.

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