22 Surprising Pieces Of Trivia About “South Park”

The show holds what is probably the greatest Guinness World Record ever.

1. The original pilot was made by stop-motion animating cut paper. Every episode thereafter was computer animated.

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2. Kyle’s hair is modeled after Matt Stone’s self-proclaimed “Jew fro.”

South Park Studios

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3. Trey Parker ad-libs most of Cartman’s lines. He’s admitted that Cartman is his favorite character.

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4. Cartman was dreamed up when Stone and Parker wondered how they could revive a misogynistic, racist character like Archie Bunker in this day and age. By making him eight years old, of course.

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5. Terrence and Phillip were created in response to criticism that South Park was “nothing but bad animation and fart jokes.”

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6. In the original unaired pilot, Stone and Parker used the pseudonyms Tupac Schwartz and M.C. Goldstein in the credits.

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7. Mr. Garison’s first name is Herbert. Ms. Garison’s first name is Janet.

South Park Studios

South Park Studios

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8. In the first season’s theme song, Kenny sings “I like girls with big vaginas / I like girls with big fat titties,” but because of his muffled voice it was never censored.

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9. There is either a mention of or an appearance by a celebrity in every episode to date.

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10. Celebrities are rarely allowed to play themselves or even a “normal” character. For instance, when George Clooney lent his voice for an episode he played a homosexual dog.

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11. There’s a running theme throughout the series that one character dresses up like Chewbacca every Halloween special.

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12. The infamous bass-heavy theme song is performed by the band Primus.

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13. South Park holds a Guinness World Record for “Most Swearing in an Animated Series.”

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14. Stone creates Kenny’s muffled voice by speaking into his hand or sleeve. All of Kenny’s lines are scripted, even if they are impossible to decipher.

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15. There’s an alien hidden in many episodes.

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16. Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo was inspired from Parker’s childhood bad habit of forgetting to flush the toilet.

South Park Studios

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17. Cartman’s promiscuous mom Liane was named after an ex-fiancee of Parker’s, whom he caught cheating.

South Park Studios

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18. Chef was based on an actual dining hall employee Parker and Stone met while studying at University of Colorado.

South Park Studios

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19. Kenny has died over 80 times to date.

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20. Stan’s family borrowed their names from Parker’s real life family. Kyle’s family, from Stone’s.

The Parkers/Marshes

South Park Studios

The Stones/Schwartzes

South Park Studios

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21. Butters’ real name is Leopold Scotch.

South Park Studios
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22. Unlike other animated shows that are created months before their air date, South Park often reflects current events since the show is put together in a matter of days.

South Park Studios
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