25 Of The Best Feelings In The World


1. When someone plays with your hair.

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2. Putting on clothes when they’re still warm from the dryer.

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3. Going to town on these babies:

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4. Dislodging stubborn food from your teeth.

ID: 1196167

5. Peeling dried glue off your hands.

ID: 1196179

6. Doing what you shouldn’t with a Q-tip.

Sorry, Q-tips.

ID: 1192019

7. Popping the tabs down on a fast food drink.

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8. Seeing something you ordered online waiting for you on the doorstep.

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9. Ripping fabric.

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10. Freshly shaved legs on clean sheets.

Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, men.

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11. Wearing a brand-new pair of underwear.

ID: 1196538

12. Chipping old paint.

ID: 1198402

13. Flipping your pillow to the cool side.

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14. Bare feet on cool grass.

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15. Ice-cold beer on a hot day.

ID: 1197621

16. Dipping your hands into a bowl of flour.

So soft.

ID: 1196484

18. Finally getting to sit down after being on your feet all day.

ID: 1196817

19. Taking a much-needed shower.

ID: 1197744

20. Being in a warm bed on a chilly night.

ID: 1196849

21. Sliding your scissors down wrapping paper.

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22. Peeling off a price tag in one try.

ID: 1197350

23. The first bite of food after waiting for what seems like eternity in a restaurant.

ID: 1197280

24. When the Tetris gods align.

ID: 1192071

25. Taking your pants off after a long day.

Or your bra.

ID: 1191773

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