19 Faces People Make Right Before They Sneeze

Happy spring, allergy sufferers!

1. The “Elvis In Direct Sunlight”

ID: 1048686

2. The “We Are All Just Particles In A Great Cosmic Sneeze”

ID: 1053690

3. The “Prisoner Of Pollen”

ID: 1048673

4. The “A-la-la-la-llergies”

ID: 1053703

5. The “Gesundheit Grimace”

ID: 1048879

6. The “Wait, How Many People Have You Slept With?”

ID: 1048809

7. The “Just Saw My Parents Doing It”

ID: 1048818

8. The “Sniffly Kitten”

ID: 1053673

9. The “Naked Mole Rat At High Noon”

ID: 1048829

10. The “Tequila And I Are Snot Friends Anymore”

ID: 1048854

11. The “The Cat Threw Up On My Pillow Again”

ID: 1048834

12. The “Nostril-Damus”

ID: 1053677

13. The “I Told You Four Times, It’s Pronounced ‘Chardonay!’”

ID: 1048800

14. The “Mmm, Tissues”

ID: 1053698

15. The “I Cannot Behold The Beauty Of This Day”

ID: 1053702

16. The “This Is Gonna Hurt”

ID: 1048701

17. The “Never Bless A Satanist”

ID: 1053701

18. The “Am I Sneezing Or Am I Yawning, Oh Wait I’m Snawning”

ID: 1048866

19. The “Mucus Mangler”

ID: 1053686

Stay sneezey y’all!

ID: 1055017

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