27 Things Way Worse Than Going Back To School

Summer vacation may be over, but let’s face it: things could be WAY worse.

1. Dropping a pizza:

ID: 532904

2. Running out of toilet paper:

ID: 532881

3. Being betrayed by your ice cream:

ID: 532960

4. Getting stuck in the swings on the first day back:

ID: 532976

5. Dropping an entire bag of cheetos on the floor:

ID: 532888

6. Getting two legos stuck together:

ID: 532966

7. Justin Bieber’s mustache:

ID: 533049

8. An old lady at a wedding taking a selfie with an iPad:

ID: 533743

9. Trying to act cool on TV and failing miserably:

ID: 532870

Or getting caught picking your nose during the Olympics:

ID: 532915

10. Being betrayed by your pudding:

ID: 533026

11. Bad popsicle jokes:

ID: 533035

12. A baby doing the duckface:

ID: 532988

13. What Beans from “Even Stevens” looks like today:

ID: 533051

15. Twilight back tattoos:

ID: 533057

16. Not owning a Snorlax bean bag chair:

ID: 533063

17. Lindsey Lohan’s teeth:

ID: 533053

18. The inside of a penguin’s mouth:

ID: 535030

19. This unholy union:

ID: 533270

20. Living in North Korea:

ID: 533330

21. When this happened:

ID: 533289

22. Having this guy message you on OK Cupid:

ID: 533286

23. Nicolas Cage as “Hannah Montana:”

ID: 533288

24. Being a wrestling referee:

ID: 533309

25. Facebook chain letters:

ID: 533331

27. And a Croc the size of a young child:

ID: 533702

See you at school!!!

ID: 533848

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