The 33 Most Important Lessons We Learned In 2013

What an important, important year.

1. Nicolas Cage is actually Emperor Maximiliano of Habsburgo.

Not too surprising.

ID: 2090469

2. If you own a Smart Car you better have a paint job like this:

ID: 2090059

3. Few things are funnier in this world than a dog getting hit in the unmentionables with a frisbee.

ID: 2089589

4. Working out is a dangerous waste of time.

ID: 2089690

5. Shorts make the cutest dresses.

ID: 2090400

6. Never text your parents pretending to be a drug dealer.

ID: 2090307
Via Nathan Fielder
ID: 2090316

7. If you want to master the selfie game, follow the dude’s lead.

ID: 2089685

8. This is probably the worst way to be woken up.

ID: 2089742

9. Stingrays are the happiest creatures in the sea.

ID: 2090018

10. Never get a tattoo if your name is Ana.

ID: 2092751

11. Never have your wedding during high tide.

ID: 2089674

12. If you want to get someone to stop being a creep, this is your best option.

ID: 2089657

13. Chicken burgers are the biggest threat facing our great nation.

ID: 2089740

14. Drake actually wrote Hamlet right before Nothing Was The Same.

ID: 2089776

15. Taylor Swift needs to do duets with goats all the time.

ID: 2092613

16. Russian folks take the best dating site pictures.

ID: 2089627

17. This is the official best dog GIF of all time:

ID: 2089837

18. This is the worst, most horrible thing a human being can do:

ID: 2090060

19. Dolls are still terrifying.

ID: 2090069

20. Never take a selfie at a baseball game.

ID: 2089587

21. Ryan Gosling needs to eat his cereal.

ID: 2090214

22. Conner Hart has a twisted sense of humor.

ID: 2090233

23. Nerds do the best vandalism.

ID: 2090371

24. A tattoo of yourself taking a selfie is never a good idea.

ID: 2089598

25. Don’t make mistakes like this.

ID: 2089634

26. Your childhood is over the exact moment that this happens to you.

ID: 2089640

27. Lady Gaga inherited all her style from Mr. Burns.

ID: 2089643

28. 1. Don’t do drugs. 2. Don’t do them like this:

ID: 2089659

29. Confetti is apparently not delicious.

ID: 2092640

30. Babies make terrific plates.

ID: 2092106

31. Golf is a dangerous sport.

ID: 2092636

32. Actresses without their teeth are terrifying.

ID: 2092625

33. In conclusion: The future is here. The future is now. The future is popcorn in your hoodie.

ID: 2090062

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