The 30 Most Horrifying Fan Tributes Of All Time

These people should not be let near any celebrities.

1. Rihanna as an alien:

2. Zayn Malik as that creepy guy on the bus:

3. Drake after being stung by hundreds of wasps:

4. Zach Braff with a lazy eye:

5. Every single drawing of Justin Bieber:

6. Justin Timberlake as a sexy maid:

7. David Schwimmer as a man with a face that is way too long:

8. Eminem as a statue on Easter Island:

9. Daniel Radcliffe with an oddly off-centered face:

10. Pete Wentz as a disproportionate hunk:

11. The Rock with an upsetting amount of facial detail:

12. Tom Cruise as something that does not even resemble Tom Cruise, much less a human:

13. Mel Gibson as a visitor from another planet:

14. Shia LaBeouf looking pretty normal:

15. Jim Carrey as a man/worm:

16. A diagonal R. Patz:

17. Morgan Freeman as an ’80s heartthrob/probable sex offender:

18. Kanye West as an obese Nintendo Mii:

19. Gary Busey as your worst nightmare:

20. Jennifer Aniston as Honey Boo Boo’s mom:

21. Elton John as some sort of weird, reptilian ’80s rocker:

22. Christian Bale as someone who does not even closely resemble Christian Bale in any of his film or television roles:

23. Mark Hammil as a Keebler Elf:

24. Harry Styles as the Joker/that one character from “Ahhh! Real Monsters”:

25. Daniel Radcliffe as a very “Gorgieus” man:

26. Also, Daniel Radcliffe as literally the most frightening thing I have ever seen:

27. Dexter Morgan as the caveman from those Geico commercials:

28. Britney Spears as a doll you would throw in the trash:

29. Chad Kroeger as an anime character:

30. And every single piece of Nic Cage fan art ever:

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