The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened

So. Many. Overalls.

1. Will Smith playing Nintendo on a zebra rug while wearing a backwards hat and sitting next to a Mariah Carey CD:

More ’90s than wishing you had Hey Arnold’s bedroom.

ID: 1849621

2. Kenan Thompson casually posing with two kids in Pokémon shirts:

More ’90s than taking a bath in Kel’s orange soda.

ID: 1849437

3. Austin Powers asking you to get your daily dose of calcium:

More ’90s than having the recorder be the only instrument you ever learned… in elementary school.

ID: 1850053

4. NSYNC dressed…like…this:

More ’90s than the delicious smell of a koosh ball.

ID: 1850033

5. Marilyn Manson and Will Smith becoming best friends:

More ’90s than building your own Leaning Tower Of Cheeza.

ID: 1849298

6. This scene from Clarissa Explains It All:

More ’90s than physically choking on a choker necklace.

ID: 1849547

7. And this scene from 90210:

More ’90s than having your biggest life accomplishment be getting slimed on live television.

ID: 1849555

8. Alicia Silverstone wearing way too much Happy Gilmore swag despite having nothing to do with the movie:

Ron Galella / Getty

More ’90s than buying a little golden book at a book fair.

ID: 1850003

9. The video guide to Windows 95, and video guides in general:

More ’90s than turning your TV remote into a battlebot.

ID: 1850098

10. Leonardo DiCaprio holding a swan:

More ’90s than using a light up sneakers as a flash light.

ID: 1850362

11. Michael Jordan hanging out with Kid ‘n Play, Will Smith, and DJ Jazzy Jeff:

More ’90s than Alex Mack’s backwards hat.

ID: 1849611

12. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling kickin’ back and relaxing:

More ’90s than the first time you saw someone conquer the Agro Crag.

ID: 1849295

13. Keanu Reeves pondering all of life’s little mysteries:

More ’90s than Judie Funny’s beret.

ID: 1850407

14. Sean from Boy Meets World casually posing with wild animals:

More ’90s than Amanda’s Jacuzzi.

ID: 1850062

15. This journal entry:

More ’90s than a bowl of Dinosaur Egg oatmeal.

ID: 1849454

16. Justin Timberlake wondering how he got underneath a waterfall:

More ’90s than yelling chicka chicka boom boom at your mailman.

ID: 1850426

17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt begging for your forgiveness:

More ’90s than Prometheus (but not Bob).

ID: 1851267

18. This picture of two Mikes hanging out with Mac:

More ’90s than a fresh load of Zoo Books.

ID: 1849618

19. Will and Mariah sharing a middle school slow dance:

More ’90s than shark bite gummies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

ID: 1850005

20. This real Nickelodeon schedule:

More ’90s than crying your eyes out at the end of “Homeward Bound.”

ID: 1849439

21. Jerry and George having a pickup game with Bernie and Jeter:

NBC, 1996 / Via

More ’90s than bags of milk.

ID: 1850006

22. Robert Downey Jr. dressed as some sort of sexy robot trash alien:

Dave Allocca/DMI/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

More ’90s than reading three Goosebumps books in one day.

ID: 1850416

23. Mark Wahlberg wearing some of the jortiest jorts I have ever seen:

More ’90s than getting a nasty rash from inflatable furniture.

ID: 1850483

24. Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman slingin’ milk:

More ’90s than plastic rollerskates.

ID: 1850050

25. Daniel Craig letting his locks flow:

More ’90s than smoking pretzel sticks.

ID: 1850434

26. NSYNC caressing Beanie Babies on the cover of a magazine:

More ’90s than actually thinking Beanie Babies would be worth something someday.

ID: 1854302

27. Shaq carrying Bill Gates to safety:

More ’90s than wishing you had a boxcar of your own.

ID: 1850079

28. This girl’s reaction to getting Pokémon Yellow for Christmas:

More ’90s than Skidamarink a-dinking all day long.

ID: 1850075

29. Milla Jovovich playing Super Mario Brothers:

More ’90s than thinking Beakman’s World was better than Bill Nye.

ID: 1854377

30. This lunchbox:

More ’90s than a the smell of a cap gun.

ID: 1854350

31. This weirdly proportioned Bulbasaur costume:

More ’90s than being terrified of Ms. Trunchbull.

ID: 1850082

32. Urkel storming by Will Smith and Reggie Miller for the uncontested layup:

More ’90s than talking with Smarterchild for four hours.

ID: 1850096

33. A Surge mix CD:

More ’90s than a Capri-Sun mix CD.

ID: 1854307

34. Kirsten Dunst reppin’ Jumanji:

More ’90s than getting high off Mr. Sketch markers.

ID: 1850101

35. JTT holding a Lion King poster one-third his size:


More ’90s than all your silverware being from McDonalds.

ID: 1850451

36. Nick Carter confessing his love to you and/or eating a rose:

More ’90s than balancing a bird on your finger.

ID: 1851196

37. Uncle Jesse’s POWERFUL mullet:

More ’90s than Pierre Escargot.

ID: 1850104

38. Joey Lawrence doing his best impression of a genie that’s also a waiter at Applebee’s:

More ’90s than a Flintstones gummies.

ID: 1850404

39. This cat living its goddamn dream:

More ’90s than hitting your friend in the eye with a sky dancer.

ID: 1854625

40. Every single time you went to one of these stores:

More ’90s than renting Goldeneye there.

ID: 1854460

41. Leonardo DiCaprio sullenly sipping a milkshake:

More ’90s than having an intense hatred for Roger Klotz.

ID: 1850446

42. Alfonso Ribeiro wearing his dad’s suit:

More ’90s than “The ancient Hawaiians…”

ID: 1850423

43. Bill Clinton playing sax next to Arsenio Hall:

Reed Saxon/Associated Press / Via

More ’90s than Bill Clinton making a self-portrait of himself on a Lite Brite.

ID: 1850498

44. Zack Morris wearing a leather vest:

More ’90s than Zack’s cellphone.

ID: 1850448

45. The Olsen twins wearing backward hats opposite colored overalls:

More ’90s than…

ID: 1850516

46. TLC also wearing overalls, this time with condoms all over them:

Jim Smeal / WireImage

More ’90s than…

ID: 1850425

47. Destiny’s Child…wearing overalls:

Marion Curtis / Getty Images


ID: 1850532


MORE ‘90S THAN!!!!!!!

ID: 1850457


MORE ‘90S THAN!?!?!??!

ID: 1854295


ID: 1850524



ID: 1851442

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