The 33 Greatest Mysteries On "Breaking Bad"


1. Is this what Gale wrote on the next page of the book of poetry?

ID: 1680184

2. Was this Todd’s nickname in high school?

ID: 1681686

3. Is this how the series is going to end?

ID: 1680149

4. Or is this how the show ends?

ID: 1680191

5. Or like this?

ID: 1680255

6. And is this what Saul really saw?

ID: 1681697

7. Is Tupac also living in Belize?

ID: 1680181

8. When will Walt Jr. form this club?

ID: 1680209

9. And can Walt Jr. predict the future?

ID: 1680210

Speaking of which, who will win this epic battle?

ID: 1681688

10. Did Hank kill Mufasa?

ID: 1680194

11. Will Lydia make a pun like this?

ID: 1680240

12. What if the show was just about Walt Jr. learning how to drive?

ID: 1680174

13. Is this going to be the moral of the story?

ID: 1680242

14. Was this why Jesse was so disturbed by this picture?

ID: 1680252

15. Is Todd the perfect man?

ID: 1680309

16. Why does young George Clooney look so much like Walt Jr.?

ID: 1680447

17. Will Jesse escape by going undercover as Weird Al?

ID: 1680512

18. Are three Gomeys better than one?

ID: 1681684

19. What if the show took place in Canada?

ID: 1680165

20. Is the show’s hairstylist the highest-paid crew member?

ID: 1680187

21. Is this what Badger is up to nowadays?

ID: 1681689

22. Will we finally get a moment of silence for our long-lost brothers and sisters next episode?

ID: 1681690

23. Will Skylar give up her dream of becoming a stand-up comic?

ID: 1681912

24. Did Jesse learn how to react to things on The Price Is Right?

ID: 1680214

25. IS GOMEZ ALIVE?!?!??!?!


ID: 1681691

26. Is Todd the next James Bond?

ID: 1681692

27. Would this scene have been better or worse at a laser tag arena?

ID: 1681693

28. Does Mexico have a slight yellow tint to it in real life?

ID: 1681694

29. Is this really what Hank was so mad about?

ID: 1681696

30. Will Bogdon become a spokesperson for high speed online?

ID: 1681911

31. Would everything have been different if Walter White had been played by a cat?

ID: 1681698

32. Will Jesse’s hair look like this after all the months that have passed?

ID: 1681699

33. And will the pizza man ever get his revenge?

ID: 1681910

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