23 People You Do Not Want To Get In A Fight With

Read this post with caution. These people are DANGEROUS.

1. Any person who is a Burger-King-cup-carrying bad ass:

ID: 785105

2. Any person who pours a Caprisun into a glass like a DAMN BARBARIAN:

ID: 785104

3. Any person with an internet connection and several pictures of slides:

ID: 785081

4. The creators of the television show “Monk:”

ID: 785084

5. A person who lays in the exact position that’s not allowed:

ID: 785085

6. A person who disobeys Rihanna:

ID: 785088

7. Any person who completely ignores EVERYTHING a match stands for:

ID: 785086

8. Any grandma who doesn’t play by the rules:

ID: 785146

9. Or any baby who doesn’t play by the rules:

ID: 785089

10. A person with a blatant disregard of proper desktop backgrounds:

ID: 785083

11. Any person who disrespects a roll of bubble tape like this:

ID: 785090

12. Any person who does something this destructive:

ID: 785079

13. Or this destructive:

ID: 785098

14. Any person who clearly has never seen the popular milk advertising campaign:

ID: 785091

15. Any person who has a dog this defiant:

ID: 785092

16. Any person who does something as cruel as this to a pair of scissors:

ID: 785093

17. Any person who won’t even try to draw a ship:

ID: 785094

18. Any person who doesn’t play by your typical mathematical rules:

ID: 785095

19. Any person who can’t help it when it comes to thinking about things:

ID: 785161

20. Any person who has neither the time nor the patience to find the other door:

ID: 785107

21. Or any person who has absolutely no time for a kids maze:

ID: 785170

22. Any person who doesn’t let chocolate tell them what to do:

ID: 785108

23. And Brendon Chaney:

ID: 785078

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