35 People You Wish You Could Trade Places With For A Day

Only one day, though. Let’s not get carried away.

1. The dude with the best bed ever…

…because now you have an excuse to never, ever leave your bedz.

ID: 935678

2. The guy who ordered like this at Starbucks…

…so you and all the other members of the Official Ferris Bueller fan club can high-five over it.

ID: 934934

3. This lady…

…so you can find out if her mom misspelled “Erica,” or what.

ID: 935015

4. This girl on Omegle…

…so you can see the cool thing this guy got in the mail.

ID: 935057

5. Joey’s friend “Pizza…”

…so you could not only help your friend beat his habit, but also be named Pizza. It’s a win-win.

ID: 935003

6. Dylan…

…so you can find out if YOU HAD HOMEWORK.

ID: 935046

7. The pug-shirt-selfie dude…

…because you just PERFECTED the selfie.

ID: 935898

8. This hummus enthusiast…

…so you can continue spreading the word of hummus.

ID: 935078

9. The guy who had way too much 5-Hour Energy…

…so you can finally feel what it is like to TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

ID: 934941

10. The person who actually found out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop…

…so you can go out and get a life now.

ID: 935120

11. Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone…

…so you can feel guilty about making this happen.

ID: 935053

12. Lasonya…

…so your name would be LASONYA. COME ON. Also, it looks like you’d be good at math too.

ID: 934938

13. This animal…

…for obvious reasons.

ID: 935082

14. Sarah…

…because you just got exactly what you want.

ID: 935661

15. The girl who can sneeze with her eyes open…

…so you can never have to involuntarily blink AGAIN.

ID: 934929

16. The person writing this comment…

…because congrats, you just won the internet.

ID: 934997

17. The next person to use this vending machine…

…because you’re about to hit the JACKPOT.

ID: 935352

18. This guy whose friend slightly Photoshopped every picture of him…

…so you can finally have a good reason to delete your Facebook.

ID: 934987

19. Jesse…

…so you can start a company that specializes in selling fireplace pictures of ceiling fans.

ID: 935353

20. Anyone who has ever seen a galloping camel in real life…

…for obvious reasons, yet again.

ID: 936555

21. Any of these local legends…

…because you are now infinitely more famous than Paris Hilton.

ID: 935730

22. Jake Gyllenhaal…

…so you can find out what is so damn funny about that sandwich.

ID: 934944

23. The person who had the world’s dumbest rumor told about themselves…

…so you do an interview with Oprah and write a book about your pain.

ID: 936498

24. This Florida man…

…so you can find out the way his magical, majestic brain works.

ID: 935027

25. This fantastic cook…

…so you can learn his secret.

ID: 935361

26. Anyone in line with this drunk lady at the airport…

…because what better time to party than at 7:30 a.m.

ID: 935362

27. The person who knit these mini-horses a sweater…

…because guess what? I need you to make all my clothes now.

ID: 935657

28. The college students who go to school where this happened…

…because you are learning REAL, APPLICABLE life skills.

ID: 935659

29. The students of this class…

…so you can learn the skills necessary to compete in our competitive job market.

ID: 936519

30. The author of this shocking short story…

…because you will most certainly win a Pulitzer.

ID: 935660

31. And also the author of this fascinating math textbook…

…because you just ruined math even more.

ID: 935682

32. The owner of this fridge…

…so you can finally prove once and for all that orange is the best flavor.

ID: 934930

33. The red-shirted guy who helped his friend move into his new apartment…

…because then you can be that guy who clearly isn’t helping out and is just sitting around eating pudding. In the end, though, your friend totally owes you a favor.

ID: 936117

34. The girl who wore a Nicolas Cage blanket all around school…

…for obvious reasons, one last time.

ID: 935862

35. And Richard Gray…

…because you are then a perfect human being.

ID: 936504

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