27 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names

Scrabble will never be the same.

1. Glabella

The space between the eyebrows. You are now looking at Ryan Gosling’s glabella. Congrats.

ID: 703008

2. Vagitus

The cry of a newborn baby.

ID: 703018

3. Chanking

Spat-out food.

ID: 703028

4. Zarf

The sleeve on the outside of a coffee cup.

ID: 703050

5. Niggly Wiggly

The paper ribbon at the top of Hershey’s Kiss.

ID: 704421

6. Darkle

The opposite of “sparkle.” To become dark.

ID: 703083

7. Souffle Cup

Ketchup/condiment cup.

ID: 703097

8. Snollygoster

A person guided by personal advantage rather than consistent principles. See: every politician ever.

ID: 703116

9. Natiform

Something that looks like a butt.

ID: 703144

10. Tintinnabulation

The ringing of bells.

ID: 703191

11. Columella nasi

The space between the nostrils. You are now looking at Justin Bieber’s columella nasi.

ID: 703225

13. Punt

The bottom of a wine bottle.

ID: 703247

14. Jamais vu

What happens when you say a word for so long that it loses its meaning. Limit limit limit limit limit limit limit limit limit.

ID: 704518

15. Misophonia

Getting mad at someone for eating or breathing too loudly (among other things). It’s also a brain disorder.

ID: 704540

16. Brannock Device

The thing used to measure your feet at the shoe store.

ID: 703236

17. River

The white spaces that randomly line up in a paragraph of text.

ID: 704399

18. Nurdle

A tiny dab of toothpaste.

ID: 704426

19. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

When you see something for the first time and then start to see it EVERYWHERE.

ID: 704558

20. Collywobbles

Butterflies in your stomach.

ID: 703159

21. Clover Mite

The tiny red bug found on concrete and bricks.

ID: 704433

22. Keeper

The loop on a belt that keeps the end in place after it has passed through the buckle.

ID: 703266

23. Frisson

The chills you get when listening to a really good piece of music. Or just anything really good.

ID: 704437

24. Overmorrow

The day after tomorrow.

ID: 703137

25. Grawlix

The %#$&@ in comics, or anything else, used in place of a curse word. Also called jarns, nittles, and quimp.

ID: 704629

26. Rasceta

The lines on the inside of your wrist.

ID: 704636

27. L’esprit d’escalier or “stairway wit”

The moment after an argument when you think of a good comeback, but it’s way too late.

ID: 704527

Congratulations, you now know everything! That feeling in your stomach? That’s the collywobbles of knowledge.

ID: 704683

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