26 Reasons Why Rock’n’Roll Will Never Die

Because God put it in the soul of everyone.

This might have been everywhere you looked this year.

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And people get a bit like this when talking about “the state of the music business”.

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Pop music may look like it’s taken over the world completely.

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But you must never lose hope. Because rock’n’roll will outlive all of us.

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For it is a noble calling that has already survived things like Atlamont and Napster.

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1. Because the devil has all the best tunes and the devil is not going anywhere.

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2. And there are few things capable of speaking to more people than three chords and the truth.

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3. Rock n’ roll helps make sense of life’s struggles, providing us with a binary division of all things.

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4. It has so many varied and wonderful offshoots, such as…

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6. And of course, METAL.

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7. And the spirit it embodies will never be entirely defeated.

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8. Because Keith Richards is still alive.

And after 50 years in the game, his band is still one of the top three highest-grossing live acts in the country.

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9. Because of the time Freddie Mercury said this.

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10. Because of how cool Liam Gallagher looks smoking a cigarette.

Smoking is bad for you, kids, but still…

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11. Because the Manic Street Preachers will never give up.

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12. Because Lou Reed’s shit really was worth more than other people’s diamonds.

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13. Because Iron Maiden prove it.

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That would be 38 years in action, notching up 85 million record sales across 37 albums.

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14. Also see: Metallica


32 years of service, and over 19 albums have shifted 54 million in the US alone.

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15. Because KISS picture condoms are things that actually exist to buy.

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16. Because this life lesson from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is absolutely the truth.

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17. Because of shake.

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18. Of rattle.

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19. And of roll.

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20. Because Elvis lives on in all our hips.

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21. Rock n’ roll will never die, because Dave Grohl won’t let it.

Dude stops gigs to refill punters’ beer cups, FFS.

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22. Because he knows this to be true.

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23. Because few feelings can ever top the transcendent power of the pit.

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24. Because this quote from Kim Fowley, former manager of The Runaways, is the truest thing anyone ever said.

REX USA / Andre Csillag
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25. Because this six-year-old death metal singer proves the force is strong in the younger generation.

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In fact, heavy metal children are becoming quite the thing actually.

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26. And this matters because as somebody once said, the children are our future.

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So, remember. You’re never too young, or too old, to rock out.

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Which is why you must always, always keep the faith.

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