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  • 21 Reasons Daniel Norris Is Absolute Human Perfection

    AKA the man who shaves his face with an axe.

  • "Bout It" Bridesmaids

    I'll be a bridesmaid for the 6th time in a few weeks. Here's what us veterans of this sacred pact would like to share with the beloved brides about this insane commitment.

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  • 14 Thoughts Londoners Have During One Day Of Ever-Changing Weather

    Don't bother looking to the weather app in London : most of the time, it's wrong. If you go out with a summer dress and sandals, the rain will magically appear. If you chose a beautiful umbrella, the sun will make you sweat. Welcome to London !

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  • 20 Movies You Won't Believe Are Turning 20 In 2016

    Believe it or not these movies are old enough to be in college

  • Who Is The Pokemon Opening Intro Girl? Mystery Solved!

    Who is that random mystery girl in the Pokemon Opening theme? Don't believe the Pokemon Theories, The answer lies in Japan, the original Pocket Monster Theme song and the true perverse nature of Pokemon to the American eye. What am I talking about? People often forget that Pokemon despite being a children's show is still very much a Japanese property and an anime, as such they joke the way anime and Japanese properties do, and this girl's existence is rooted in that. This video answers the question once and for all.

  • James Bond Opening Titles Worst To Best

    The Bond themes have been ranked, but what about the opening credits themselves? Let's take a look.

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  • 11 Ways To Make Thanksgiving Dessert Even If You Can't Bake

    Your family will never know you didn't have a clue what you were doing.

  • Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Colleen Donaghy?

    Can you differentiate between these real quotes from Donald Trump and Jack Donaghy's mother from 30 Rock?

  • The World Is Coming Together After These Attacks

    And social media is to thank.

  • What Classic Thanksgiving Dish Are You?

    You have a lot more in common with cranberry sauce than you thought...

  • 15 Hotties You Didn’t Know Were DILFs

    Whether it be dashing good looks, chiseled features, or a good old fashioned sense of humor that makes you swoon, it’s safe to say that our favorite films and TV shows are chock full of the world’s most intriguing male specimens. But did you know that some of these stars of your own sex dreams are also genuine, bonafide DILFs?! Read on to find out who…

  • 10 Questions Everyone Who Don't Understand Star Wars Have For People Who Do

    So it's called "Star Wars" because there's more than one movie?

  • Netflix Or YouTube?

    It's time to decide.

  • This Is How Isis "Shot" Their Video Of Times Square!

    It took us 2 minutes to figure out that Isis is buying videos like the rest of us...

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  • How To Have The Perfect Thanksgiving

    Ah, Thanksgiving. One of the great American traditions. Though it is lots of fun, sometimes planning it can be overwhelming. Here's how to have a successful thanksgiving.

  • We Know Which Object You Are.

    Are you a strong, independant dead plant?

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    17 Times Tumblr Made Us Laugh About Thanksgiving

    Apparently, offering people gum does not count as cooking.

  • Now You See Me 2 & Zoolander 2 Trailer Released

    I think everyone has been waiting for both of these movies to come out!!!!

  • 10 Fun Holiday Desserts Kids Can Help Make

    Holiday meal prep isn’t just for the grownups. Get your kids involved with these delightfully creative kid-friendly and festive desserts!

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    Can You Match The Quote To The '90s Rom-Com?

    "Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight."