Why Did The Sea Lion Cross The Road?

17 seals answer the age-old question.

First, the video that sparked the whole debate

ID: 1006157

1. To have her cake and eat it too

ID: 1006175

2. To get in a good laugh

ID: 1006161

3. To try on some new shades

ID: 1006164

4. To find her mom

ID: 1006165

5. To contemplate the meaning of life

ID: 1006167

6. To get a quick dinner

ID: 1006168

7. To snuggle with her husband

ID: 1006169

8. To go to this birthday party, hosted by this dog

ID: 1006174

9. To retrieve her frisbee

ID: 1006176

10. To get to her art class

ID: 1006186

11. To meet up with her best friend, Thomas

ID: 1006178

12. To poop with/around Allison Williams

ID: 1006179

13. To give an inspirational speech

ID: 1006180

14. To go to a nice art gallery

ID: 1006181

15. To have a political debate

ID: 1006182

16. To compliment you on your wonderful style

ID: 1006183

17. To meet Snoop Dogg (obviously the correct answer)

ID: 1006184

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