Fetch Behind-The-Scenes Photos From “Mean Girls”

Your Mean Girls crush, Aaron Samuels (aka Jonathan Bennett), has recently posted these awesome photos on his Twitter account.

1. Hanging with co-stars Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert during the shooting of the iconic Halloween scene.

“I’m a mouse, DUH!”

ID: 1841062

2. With Regina George herself, Rachel McAdams.

ID: 1841026

3. Cast photo with Lacey, Amanda, Lizzy Caplan, and Lindsay Lohan. My only question: Where is Tina Fey?!?

ID: 1841065

4. Bonus: He is totally cool with your Mean Girls cosplay.

ID: 1841358

5. And he has a bitchin’ Twitter bio:

ID: 1841510

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