25 Reasons Nina Las Vegas Is A BAMF


1. This is Nina Las Vegas (the one on the right)

ID: 3394959

2. She’s a DJ / Media personality / Bad ass mahfucker.

ID: 3394966

3. She makes mixes like this:

ID: 3427708

4. She likes emojis.

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ID: 3395050

5. So people send her photos of emoji tattoos (yes that is a butt)

ID: 3395057

6. It’s becoming quite a thing.

My job here is done

— Nina Las Vegas (@ninalasvegas)
ID: 3395200

7. This is her and a baby. Yes they are both wearing sunglasses. Yes the baby is adorable.

ID: 3395074

8. This is her and another baby. No they are not wearing sunglasses. Yes, it is still adorable.

ID: 3395174

9. She really likes James Franco, so it’s a real shame she’s not a 17 year old girl.

ID: 3395088

10. She also supports our Socceroos!

ID: 3395095

11. And they support her :)

ID: 3395096

12. This is her with a quokka. What the hell did you do today? I bet you didn’t hang out with a quokka.

ID: 3395137

13. Here she is matching head to toe.

ID: 3395172

14. This is her killing a computer. Because fuck computers.

ID: 3395181

15. And this is her about to go snorkeling. Because fuck scuba.

ID: 3395192

16. People who don’t like her are literally illiterate. You’re not illiterate, are you?

there are other battles i'd like to fight, like fighting for equality or saving the environment etc. not this bs.

— Nina Las Vegas (@ninalasvegas)
ID: 3395204

17. Here’s Nina in a really nice dress and Nikes at a petrol station. That’s a pretty cool thing for her to do. That’s a pretty cool thing.

She also has pink hair nbd.

ID: 3395225

“Hmm…she seems pretty cool. But I don’t think I can trust her till I know what she was like as a child.”

ID: 3395254

18. BOOM!

ID: 3395255

19. Nina drinks out of this mug. You can only get one if you are, in fact, a ‘cool dude.’

ID: 3395263

20. Here she is texting on the dance floor next to a guy who is wearing a shirt that specifically says “no texting on the dance floor.” Because fuck him. Nina does what she wants.

ID: 3395274

21. Nina even helps out a charity for disadvantaged youths. That’s a pretty cool thing for her to do.

ID: 3395356

22. Even cartoon snakes like her.

I think it likes her. Not sure.

ID: 3395275

23. Here she is in discussion with deadmau5.


ID: 3395277

24. And here she is lying in bed (just like we do!)

ID: 3395311

25. And finally. Here is Nina Las Vegas with Lana Del Rey. That’s pretty cool, huh?

ID: 3395315

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