26 Stories That Are Better In Reverse

Some stories are just way better when you start at the end and work back.

1. “Superheroes help a man who can’t sleep”

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2. Burglar breaks into home, catches a printer, and uses a computer while the tenant plays hide-and-seek.

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3. Employees chase wild mob out of overcrowded store:

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4. Man uses overdeveloped penis muscles to perform amazing beam jump.

ID: 974325

5. Man puts on his shoes using a treadmill, proceeds to krump.

ID: 974313

6. Terrified man flees to car before tornado hits.

ID: 974704

7. Young man pulls off astounding soccer trick.

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8. Powerful elemental wizard leaps onto roof, summoning mounds of snow to pad his landing.

ID: 974299

9. Amorous dog helps young man onto trampoline.

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10. Man fixes broken door using telekinesis.

ID: 974302

11. Concerned athlete sniffs suspicious substance on teammate’s jacket.

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12. Miraculous machine assembles couch from scraps.

ID: 974320

13. Woman magically fixes trampoline by jumping through it.

ID: 974319

14. Girl quickly becomes annoyed by cameraman’s attention.

ID: 974317

15. Errant cricket ball fixes sunglasses before placing them on man’s face.

ID: 974321

16. Elderly woman ducks out of frame.

ID: 974323

17. Man slides out to middle of frozen lake to relieve himself.

ID: 974326

18. Woman fills a wheelbarrow using only a board and her face.

ID: 974298

19. Woman leaps off of broken slide, fixing it magically.

ID: 974328

20. Man saves drowning woman using “The Couch Technique.”

ID: 974329

21. Corgi gracefully jumps backwards onto dock.

ID: 974330

22. Drunk man on escalator makes fast and stylish recovery.

ID: 974331

23. Extreme athlete performs rare backwards board slide.

ID: 974332

24. Young boy waves good-bye to tiny aliens as they ascend back to their mothership.

ID: 974336

25. Angry mob carefully places man under burning car.

ID: 974666

26. Baby invents efficient new way to get upstairs.

ID: 974670

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