31 People Who Will Make You Not Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

On the minus side, most other planets don’t support life — but on the plus side, you won’t be around these people anymore. Probably worth it on balance, right?

1. Employers who don’t understand the concept of an entry-level position.

ID: 1171183

2. People who should keep their hearts to themselves.

ID: 1171192

3. Anyone who takes up three seats on the subway during rush hour.

ID: 1171181

4. This teen who’s always looking for creative ways to spend her child support money.

ID: 1171180

5. This amateur historian.

ID: 1171184

6. This woman who should be banned from baseball games for life.

ID: 1171185

7. This poor deprived iPhone owner.

ID: 1171186

8. The “blogger” who needs to take notes on his laptop DURING the movie.

ID: 1171179

9. Anyone who made or wore this T-shirt.

ID: 1171218

10. This future English professor.

ID: 1171188

11. This 12-year-old bisexual who does weed.

ID: 1171596

12. Anyone whose mind is this easily fucked.

ID: 1171189

13. The couple who came up with this “brilliant” camping innovation.

ID: 1171182

14. People who appreciate fine literature.

ID: 1171191

15. And 14,950 people on Good Reads.

ID: 1171208

16. This person who is open to new perspectives.

ID: 1171187

17. Anyone who is dumber than an elevator.

ID: 1171194

18. This budding pediatrician.

ID: 1171204

19. This kid.

ID: 1171205

20. Children of the 2%.

ID: 1171207

21. This future reckless driving PSA.

ID: 1171210

22. Needlessly thorough teen burglars.

ID: 1171212

23. Brianna.

ID: 1171213

24. This woman who takes advantage of the kindness of others.

ID: 1171215

25. These future aviators of America.

ID: 1171626

26. Anyone who takes selfies with an iPad.

ID: 1171206

27. Or uses one during a workout.

ID: 1171211

28. The people responsible for this autocomplete.

ID: 1171216

29. People who think chickens are vegetables.

ID: 1171214

30. This person who is in for a nasty surprise.

ID: 1171217

31. People who can’t even get platitudes right.

ID: 1171190

Welp! See you later.

ID: 1171219

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