24 Cats Who Realize They’ve Made A Huge Mistake

“I’ve made a huge mistake.” -Most cats, most of the time.

1. The cat who took on a bag that was too smart for him:

ID: 3088588

2. The cat who watched one too many episodes of Mission Impossible.

ID: 3088589

3. The cat who secretly wishes Dennis would just die already.

ID: 3088590

4. The cat who’s worried he might be next.

ID: 3088591

5. The cat whose single-minded pursuit of a laser dot caused him to momentarily take leave of his senses.

ID: 3088592

6. The cat who will never play with sidewalk chalk again.

ID: 3088594

7. The cat who wishes she’d asked what “show and tell” meant before she agreed to it.

ID: 3088595

8. The cat who never bothers to check the weather report before asking to be let out.

ID: 3088596

9. The cat whose love/hate relationship with your blinds will be his undoing.

ID: 3088597

10. The cat who spent her life looking for a sole-mate and didn’t like what she found.

ID: 3088598

11. The cat whose owner insisted it would be “sooooo funny” to play with the Fatify app.

ID: 3088599

12. The cat who said yes to the leash but drew the line at an actual walk.

ID: 3088600

13. The cat who understands the concept of a screen door but is still trying to figure out how glass works.

ID: 3089195

14. The cat who insisted on dressing himself in the morning.

ID: 3088601

15. The one-eyed cat with the hilarious owners.

ID: 3088602

16. The cat who hates it when he gets “water the lawn” on the chore wheel.

ID: 3088603

17. The cat who knows where your other sock went but will never tell.

ID: 3088604

18. The cat who still can’t quite figure out how to put together that Ikea lamp.

ID: 3088606

19. The cat who regrets making the switch to low-fat yogurt.

ID: 3088607

20. The cat who never learned to read.

ID: 3089098

21. The cat who’s never spent more than 0.2 seconds in a rainstorm but is pretty sure nothing good can come of it.

ID: 3088608

22. The cat who doesn’t understand the concept of mutually assured destruction.

ID: 3089015

23. The cat who didn’t have an endgame when she started climbing up that screen.

ID: 3088611

24. And every cat who ever fell for the “surprise-extra-meal-actually-we’re-going-to-the-vet” ruse.

ID: 3088610

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