32 Reasons California Is The Most Beautiful State In The Country

Was there ever any question?

1. Where else but Pfeiffer Beach can you find rock formations this awe-inspiring?

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2. Where in the world are there natural arches more incredible than in Santa Cruz?

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3. What natural formation is more fascinating than the lava tube caves under Tulelake, California?

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4. Where besides Big Sur are there seaside cliffs this stunning?

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5. Where else but the Avenue of The Giants in Northern California can you find elders this big?

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6. Where will you find panoramas more breathtaking than Sequoia National Park?

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7. Where are there prairies more beautiful than Joshua Tree National Park?

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8. What’s more majestic than Half Dome in Yosemite National Park?

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9. Who has better views from their backyards than the residents of Bishop, California?

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10. Where can you find seas more beautiful than McWay Falls?

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11. Where are there falls more stoic than Vernal Falls?

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12. Where are there sunsets more colorful than Monterey Beach?

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13. Where besides the Mendocino Coast do land and sea meet with such grandeur?

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14. What else makes you feel more humble than Yosemite Falls?

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15. Where can you feel more secluded than in Big Basin Redwood State Park?

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16. Who but Humboldt Redwoods State Park can say they have the tallest forest on Earth?

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17. Where are beaches more pristine than Pomponio Beach?

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18. What highway has nicer views than California One?

ID: 1414183

Especially California One outside Big Sur.

ID: 1414320

19. Have you ever seen a nicer bay than Emerald Bay?

ID: 1414217

20. Does the sunrise look better anywhere outside the Yosemite Valley?

ID: 1414234

21. Where other than Muir Woods can you find canopies like this?

ID: 1414239

22. Is anywhere more relaxing than Taft Point in Yosemite?

ID: 1414249

23. What better place to take a stroll than the Napa Valley?

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24. Where else but Glacier Point can you find vistas like this?

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25. Where do mountains touch the sky quite like Cathedral Peak?

ID: 1414280

26. Who has trails as nice as the Mariposa Woods?

ID: 1414291

27. What’s more hauntingly beautiful than the riverbeds in Baja?

Pete Mcbride/National Geographic / Getty Images
ID: 1414306

28. Who else can say they’ve seen the largest freestanding boulder if they haven’t been to Giant Rock in Landers?

ID: 1414378

29. Where else can you see sunsets like they have at the Oxnard Dunes?

ID: 1414403

30. Where can you find a better hike than in Redwood National Forest?

ID: 1414415

31. Where better to watch the waves than China Beach in San Francisco?

ID: 1414439

32. Even the Mt. Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles has stunning views.

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And let’s not forget the most beautiful part of California…

I cry every time.

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