19 Absurd Textbook Illustrations That Make Learning Fun

If only all books were this strange.

1. Borat makes everything better. GREAT SUCCESS.

2. Physics murder mystery?

3. One can never truly understand the psychology of a football fan.

4. From now on only dogs should be allowed to teach science.

5. What an existential textbook.

6. Just your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman physics equation.

7. Maybe they just wanted to save some money on ink.

8. So what you’re saying is rhinos are magical creatures?

9. We always knew something was up.

10. This textbook editor may need new glasses.

11. Is this a Chinese textbook or a guide to growing mutant hands?


13. Always ask a computer who you are… or a mirror.

14. Go home textbook, you’re drunk. Literally.

15. Middle Earth always makes geography much more interesting.

16. Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy.

18. One of these is not like the other.

19. And finally a textbook with all the answers.

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