31 Tattoo Artists Who Should Be Fired

It takes a certain talent to master portrait tattoos, and these artists do not have it.

1. The guy who made this baby’s eyebrows way more prominent than they should be.

ID: 1161435

2. The artist who obviously has a thing against sailors.

ID: 1214206

3. The person who completely butchered this poor woman’s nose.

ID: 1215024

4. The tattooist who’s never seen a real-life baby.

ID: 1214207

5. The person who thinks these children are secretly demonic aliens sent to destroy humanity.

ID: 1214212

6. The guy who absolutely cannot be licensed to do this sort of thing.

ID: 1214214

7. The person who did the worst tattoo job the internet has ever seen.

Thankfully, this one has finally been fixed.

ID: 1214216

8. The artist who didn’t quite nail the hair. Or eyes. Or nose.

ID: 1214219

9. The tattooer who should have stuck to the pigtails.

ID: 1214228

10. The girl who you can’t believe agreed to ink a selfie.

ID: 1214229

11. The J.K. Rowling fan who worships Voldemort.

ID: 1214231

12. The person who’s never seen Marilyn Monroe.

ID: 1214233

13. The amateur who never learned how to shadow properly.

ID: 1214234

14. The person whose only experience is doodling cartoons in a notebook.

ID: 1214242

15. The guy who doesn’t quite understand proportions.

ID: 1214243

16. The girl who destroyed Christopher Walken’s face.

ID: 1214245

17. The person who didn’t pass their apprenticeship.

ID: 1214249

18. The artist who drew their eyes WAY too far apart.

ID: 1214785

19. The tattooist who aged this woman 10 years.

ID: 1214896

20. The tattooer who didn’t even bother to draw this girl’s face.

ID: 1214917

21. The person who put pimples on this guy’s chin.

ID: 1214791

22. The guy who doesn’t know how to work a human canvas.

ID: 1214971

23. The person who made this kid look like he just got jumped.

ID: 1215013

24. The girl who just wants to watch the world burn.

ID: 1215057

25. The artist who clearly wanted these two to stop being best friends.

ID: 1215014

26. The person who made this girl look like a boy with long hair.

ID: 1215016

27. The tattooer who’s never drawn curly hair before.

ID: 1215017

28. The artist who somehow made Edward Cullen’s face fat and muscular at the same time.

ID: 1215019

29. The person who agreed to tattoo a guy with a mullet.

ID: 1215039

30. The guy who turned sisterly love into a cartoon porno.

ID: 1215354

31. And the tattoo artist who didn’t look at the picture before permanently etching it onto a human’s body.

ID: 1215058

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