Meet Everyone’s Favorite Dog At Westminster

Swagger won over our hearts, even though he didn’t win Best in Show.

1. Backstage at the Westminster Dog Show…

ID: 888389

2. There were a ton of cute dogs.

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5. But one stood out…

ID: 888424

6. Swagger, the Sheepdog.

And he was totally chill about the attention.

ID: 888454

7. Everybody wanted to ask Swagger’s handler questions.

And Swag’s handler was really cool. He took time to chat with everyone (and subtly show off his tattoos).

ID: 888497

8. And Parker Posey fell in love with him.

ID: 888737

(The Best In Show star was attending Westminster for the first time.)

ID: 888458

10. Then it was showtime.

ID: 888515

12. And the crowd went wild!

ID: 888559
Mike Segar / Reuters
ID: 888566

14. People in the stands kept yelling “Give it to the sheepdog.”

Mike Segar / Reuters
ID: 888625

15. “Give it to the big guy!”

Mike Segar / Reuters
ID: 888650

16. But when the judging concluded…

ID: 888667

17. Swagger was awarded 2nd Place.

ID: 888671

19. Oh well…

John Moore / Getty Images
ID: 888711

20. We still love you.

Can I call you Big Swag?

ID: 888776

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