Parker Posey Backstage At Westminster Dog Show

Living out her Best In Show role. And it was her first time attending!

1. Backstage at the Westminster dog show…

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2. Dogs getting ready for the main event.

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5. Definitely reminds you of “Best In Show.”

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7. Wait, isn’t that Parker Posey, the star of the movie??

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9. It totally is!

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10. This was Parker’s first time at the Westminster dog show.

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11. She walked around backstage, checking out the competitors.

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12. She made good eye contact with this Russell terrier.

ID: 885223

13. And checked out this cairn terrier.

ID: 885225

14. She approved of this Border terrier.

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15. But she fell in love with the Old English sheepdog.

ID: 885233

18. And then the sheepdog got second place!

ID: 885257

20. And Parker applauded.

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Taking her seat before the Best in Show round, Parker admitted that it felt weird experiencing the event in real life.

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23. “I’ll buy you all the busy-bee toys you want.”

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All photos from Westminster by BuzzFeed’s Andrew Gauthier.

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