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    • allisons10

      It would be great if they did one on people who are aromantic. I’m gray romantic and I get a lot of questions as to why I don’t want a relationship or could care less about being in one either way. People treat me like I’m emotionally constipated or some sad sack who is afraid to love when really, I just don’t really have those feelings for people. In fact, I feel pretty happy and fulfilled with just my friends, family and pets! I do sometimes wonder if I’m gray sexual though because for me to be sexually attracted to people it really depends on the chemistry I have with them, the way their voice sounds, their smell, if I can trust them or not. I don’t even have to know them that long, its just meeting them, talking getting to know them, hearing how the talk and speak, their smell and the chemistry we have are what determines if I’m sexually attracted to someone. Basically I have to meet someone and interact before I find them sexually attractive (and even romantically attractive though those two things don’t always coincide). There are a few exceptions of course where I will be like DAMN, primarily when it comes to celebrities or if they have red hair (love red heads), but for the most part its all down to chemistry and other aspects to get me into them sexually.

    • allisons10

      Ummm, pretty sure Loki should be number 1! He’s sexy, sassy and his own man (or sometimes woman because they are also gender fluid). The reason why women (and even some of us who aren’t women) love him so much is because we can relate to him on some level. Women through out history have always been vilified in some way or seen as morally ambiguous, Loki is the same way, you can’t pinpoint who he is because he is very morally ambiguous, sometimes he does good, sometimes he doesn’t, sometimes he does things in order to survive (think being captured by Thanos) and have freedom, he’s very much a chaotic neutral character type. Also, let’s be honest, the man would not judge you in the bedroom or even out of it. Into bondage, cool story, are you bisexual, great so is he, want to explore pegging, honey he probably invented that! Are you an outsider who has a lot of spunk, than you are Loki’s kind of people.

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