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    9 Signs You Were A Tomboy In The 90's

    Francine and Spinelli FTW.

    1. When you were a kid you had two magnificent heroines.

    2. You were more of a Mighty Max kid than a Polly Pocket kid.

    3. When your friends wanted to play "Spice Girls" you had one simple request.

    4. You never seemed to latch on to the whole Titanic craze.

    5. In fact, you found yourself fast-forwarding through anything involving a love story.

    6. You had a slightly different interpretation of what it meant to dress up as a Disney character for Halloween.

    7. You never understood why people assumed you would appreciate the color pink.

    8. Or form-fitting clothes, tbh.

    9. Honestly, all you wanted was the opportunity to get rough around the edges.