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    This Woman's Epic Rant About Ugly Bras For Big Boobs Is So Real

    "You don't pay more for shoes when you have bigger feet, do you?!"

    Meet Chardé Heremaia, a Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, native who went bra shopping with a friend at Kmart earlier this week.

    After sorting through the larger bra sizes and finding her options limited, Heremaia recorded her thoughts and posted this video on Facebook:

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    The video got more than 600,000 views on her Facebook page and has over 5,000 shares.

    "I came to find that Kmart didn't even stock my size and 10 years of frustration about my boobs came out," she told BuzzFeed.

    "Us younger ones, we like to be a bit of saucy minx every now and again," she said in the video.

    "I'm so offended that Kmart and other places feel that they have to give big-titty girls granny bras," Heremaia continued.

    "I've endured many years of having to resort to smaller bras or extremely ugly ones as I was on a very tight budget," she told BuzzFeed.

    In the end, she just wants affordable, cute, easily accessible bra options for all.

    Slow fucking clap.