22 Celebrities Inexplicably Wearing Bucket Hats

You guys look so goofy. Sorry.

1. Pharrell Williams


2. Paul Thomas Anderson


’90s PTA, going for that Fear and Loathing thing. Mostly looking like a dweeb.

3. Rihanna

Beretta/Sims / Rex/__username__

4. Christina Aguilera

Ron Galella, Ltd. /__username__

Controversial asymmetrical bucket hat.

6. Diddy

OHPIX /__username__


7. Leonardo Dicaprio

OHPIX /__username__

9. Hoff

Sam Ruttyn/__username__ / Getty Images

10. Rick Ross

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Full grandma style.

11. Lamar Odom


12. Jessica Alba

Brian Flannery/__username__

13. Wentworth Miller

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

The guy from Prison Break looking significantly less intimidating.

15. Schoolboy Q

Photo by Geordie Wood / Via thefader.com

Psychedelic bucket.

16. Clay Aiken

Gabo /__username__

17. Baron Davis


Roller skates not pictured.

18. Mac Miller


19. Reese Witherspoon

Famepictures, Inc.

20. Carson Daly

Scott Halleran / Getty Images

21. Jack Nicholson

Warner Bros. /__username__

Rare halo bucket.

22. Justin Timberlake

Ron Wolfson / Getty Images

Different days.

Bonus: Buckethead

Ethan Miller/__username__ / Getty Images

Obligatory. Nunchucks are double bonus.

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