27 Pranks You Need To Really Own April Fools’ Day

You’ll probably end up deeply unpopular, but you’ll have WON, and that’s what matters.

1. Your head in a jar, in the fridge prank.

Amazing. Full instructions here.

ID: 2683990

2. Be a chair.

ID: 2697251

3. The belongings-in-the-vending-machine prank.

As played out on Dwight in The Office. Bonus if you’ve got volunteers to purchase the stuff.

ID: 2697185

4. The classic airhorn as door/wall protector trick.

ID: 2697113

5. The Post-it notes prank. Step 1: cover victim’s car with Post-its.

ID: 2697209

Step 2: Once they drive the thing home, they’re in for a bigger shock. Possibly even worth the effort.

ID: 2697212

6. The old toothpaste-in-the-Oreos prank.

ID: 2697121

7. Desk in the bathroom.

Simple, classy, effective.

ID: 2697202

8. You need this costume.

Available from a variety of outlets.

ID: 2697225

9. Almost as much as you need this one.

ID: 2697260

10. Soy sauce and Sprite just aren’t Diet Coke.

ID: 2697148

11. Add baking soda to ketchup.

ID: 2697268

12. Fake head in the bed.

ID: 2697266

13. Mayo in the doughnuts.

ID: 2697133

14. Nicholas Cage calling.

Knock, run, win.

ID: 2697135

15. The insta-date prank.

Worth the effort.

ID: 2697205

16. Office balloon party.

The evil prankster fills them with glitter.

ID: 2697127

17. This, if you happen to be a street performer.

ID: 2697220

18. The wrapping-paper-desk joke.

Another classic from The Office. Well played Jim, well played.

ID: 2697187

19. Make ice cream out of mashed potatoes and gravy.

ID: 2697203

20. Dinosaur rampage.

Large toys available here.

ID: 2697227

21. Hiding in a box is almost always a winner…

ID: 2697222

22. …but this is stepping things up a notch.

ID: 2697223

23. Give them a wet crotch.

ID: 2697282

24. Simple shop-window trolling.

ID: 2697229

25. The old planting-cress-in-the-keyboard classic.

Via Flickr: wetwebwork / Creative Commons

You needed to start this one a couple of days ago, but hell, there’s no more unexpected April Fool than the one that’s running a couple of days late.

ID: 2683979

26. The joy of toilet trolling.

ID: 2697276

27. And finally, you’d be amazed how effective a gorilla suit can be.

ID: 2697230

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