19 April Fools’ Day Pranks You Can Easily Make Yourself


1. Print out a fake parking ticket.

Download it here.

ID: 1000924

2. Or, for humans too young to drive, an unsolvable word search.

Perfect for long car rides. Download it here.

ID: 1019876

3. Add googly eyes to everything.

ID: 1019840

4. Like, seriously, everything.

They make everything better.

ID: 1019984

5. Jello makes an easy undrinkable drink.

Directions here.

ID: 1019915

6. Rocks make inedible strawberries.

ID: 1019561

7. And soy sauce and Sprite combine to make the most vile Diet Coke of all time.

Directions here.

ID: 1019493

8. Make a shower toasty.

This is totally bizarre but for some reason it is also hilarious.

ID: 1019539

9. Wake someone up nice and good.

Duct tape an air horn inside the door and then GTFO of there.

ID: 1019799

10. Toy with someone’s emotions*.


ID: 1019512

11. For a highly subtle prank with few to no consequences, try repackaging candy.

It will at least mildly annoy a friend with a sweet tooth.

ID: 1000959

12. For a medium-ly mean prank, disguise onions as candy apples.

ID: 1019521

13. And for an impossibly cruel prank, fill doughnuts with mayo.


ID: 1019795

14. Render soap useless with clear nail polish.

They’ll smell all day.

ID: 1019791

15. Terrify your coworkers with a fake milk splatter.

And make them wonder why you were drinking milk? Strong bones, etc. Directions here.

ID: 1019922

16. Terrify your mom/roommate/boyfriend with fake spilled nail polish.

All it takes is some wax paper.

ID: 1019889

17. Who’s that at the door?

It’s Nicolas Cage!!! This is v. mean because it is not real life, but maybe one day your incredibly disappointed prank-ee will forgive you.

ID: 1019506

18. Just remember to keep it kind.


ID: 1019516

19. And only pick on someone your own size.

ID: 1019851

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