The Year 2013 As Told By Nail Art

Gather round, dear children, for a cuticle-based tale of yesteryear.

1. Miley Cyrus happened.

Miss Pop Nails / Photo by Elizabeth Griffin
ID: 2066064

2. And happened.

ID: 2068901

3. And all of a sudden everyone was super concerned with twerking.

ID: 2068943

4. Prince George was born.

An entire nation of generally sedate people went berserk.

ID: 2066285

5. As was baby Kimye.


Sounds like another royal wedding is JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

ID: 2072460

6. Candy Crush took over the hearts, minds, and thumbs of the world.

WeiWei at Ink361 / Via
ID: 2066211

7. While Orange Is the New Black took over its eyes, ears, and Netflix accounts.

The Crumpet / Via

Also: bookshelves.

ID: 2066583

8. Wendy Davis filibustered.

ID: 2066469

9. Teens sexted.

Nail Treasures / Via
ID: 2069325

10. Sharknado was a thing for .0000000000001 seconds.

ID: 2066429

11. Arrested Development came back.

Kayleigh O’Connor / Via
ID: 2066373

12. And Breaking Bad came to an end.

Kayleigh O’Connor / Via
ID: 2066363

13. Hot dogs or legs??? The world may never know.

Glennis McCarthy / Via
ID: 2072326

14. Banksy caused a stir.

Nail Polish Society / Via
ID: 2068874

15. Grumpy Cat continued her reign.

Spektor’s Nails / Via
ID: 2072524

16. Thanksgivukkah happened for the first (and only) time in 70,000 years.

Yael Buechler / Via
ID: 2069231

17. Everyone you’ve ever met tried to send you this video.

Oh My Gosh Polish / Via

“No seriously, dude. It’s HILARIOUS.”

ID: 2068774

18. Doges doged.

So beauty, much nails.

ID: 2069004

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