Great Britain’s Version Of Black Friday

Complete with overnight lines and crazed crowds.

1. Boxing Day takes place in Great Britain the day after Christmas. A lot of people only care about it because of the sales it brings.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

Shoppers “queued” outside London’s famous Selfridges department store overnight, where items will be sold for up to 75% off the usual price. They’ve still got nothing on American Black Friday shoppers, who have been known to camp out for days in advance.

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2. U.K. shoppers are expected to spend around £2.9 billion, or $4.7 billion, on Boxing Day sales this year.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

Black Friday sales in the U.S. were around $59 billion.

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3. Like in the U.S., people in the U.K. have been injured because of the day’s massive crowds and confusion.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

An 18-year-old boy was stabbed to death in front of Boxing Day shoppers in 2011; the conflict was attributed to gang violence, but Boxing Day chaos contributed as well. And this year, train drivers in Central London are striking because of a lack of “quality time” around the holidays, causing delays and traffic jams for shoppers.

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4. Unlike Black Friday, however, Boxing Day comprises a bunch of other traditions in addition to bargain-hunting, like the Tenby Boxing Day Swim in Wales.

Rebecca Naden / Reuters

Really, wouldn’t you rather dive headfirst into the freezing ocean than tear out some woman’s hair for the chance to buy a half-off perfume?

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5. And Australia’s Boxing Day Races.

Vince Caligiuri / Getty Images
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6. Wouldn’t horses and fascinators make sale-fueled shopping madness 10 million times better?

Fiona Goodall / Getty Images
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