21 Social-Media Inspired Crafts You Can Own

Because you don’t REALLY love Twitter until it says so on your caftan.

1. Hashtag Chalkboard

Congrats grads!! Buy it here.

ID: 776512

2. Twitter Handle Necklace

GIVE IT. Available here.

ID: 776525

3. “Follow Me” Tattoo Tights

These are the only garment you will ever need.

ID: 776532

4. @ Ring

#marryme? Buy it here.

ID: 776540

5. Fail Whale Necklace

Is it just me or has it been a pleasantly long time since we’ve seen this guy?

ID: 776562

6. QR Code Tissue Box Cover

Get it here.

ID: 776544

7. Facebook Like Rubber Stamp

You can like everything in your whole house now.

ID: 776592

8. Facebook Chucks

If you <3 Mark Zuckerberg and Chuck Taylors and have $119 lying around, these are the shoes for you.

ID: 776552

9. Engraved Wood Facebook Earrings

How rustic. Buy them here.

ID: 776585

10. “I’m Famous On Facebook” Baby Bib

Oh yeah? Then why do you have to tell us, huh, baby?! Get it here.

ID: 776589

11. Like/ Dislike Cufflinks

Just one more voice in the “WE NEED A DISLIKE BUTTON” chorus.

ID: 776568

12. Facebook Pillow

It looks so lonely in that field.

ID: 776595

13. Poke Me Wine Glass

Pardon? Buy this here.

ID: 776610

14. Facebook Like Embroidery Sampler

Get the pattern here.

ID: 776603

15. Pinterest Cookies

Buy them here (they have a ton of other social networks as well, if you happen to prefer Google+).

ID: 776583

16. Wine Cork Pinterest Board

This is super meta.

ID: 776749

17. Crocheted Instagram Mini Purse

Buy it here.

ID: 776584

18. Instagram Keychain

Get it here.

ID: 776754

19. Instagram Monster iPhone Cozy

I love him.

ID: 776755

20. Social Media Nesting Dolls

These seem like a metaphor of some kind, but for what I do not know.

ID: 776606


What more could you even want.

ID: 776548

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