21 Gifts For Getting Through A Breakup

Catharsis is important. Whether you’ve just been dumped or it’s happened to someone you know, this stuff is way more effective than ice cream and tears.

1. Order a custom piñata of the ex’s face.

Available from Bunny Corpse. This could also make an awesome regular gift, so long as the recipient has a sense of humor/doesn’t mind watching their own face be smashed in exchange for a shower of fun-size Snickers.

ID: 826697

2. Or customize a dartboard.


ID: 826744

3. Or a voodoo doll.

That’s Carol. Hi Carol. Available from YouDooDoll.

ID: 826762

4. Buy this card for a friend.

Get it here.

ID: 827047

5. Or this one.

Get it here.

ID: 827122

6. Or this one.

Available here.

ID: 827166

7. Get this one for your ex.

Available here.

ID: 827064

8. Not really sure who this card is intended for, but it could come in handy.

Available here.

ID: 827117

9. Prepare a meal that your/your friend’s ex hated and you/your friend love.

Show that freegan-vegan who’s boss with a succulent rib-eye.

ID: 829308

10. Own your heartache with this necklace.

Get it here.

ID: 827096

11. Like, REALLY own it.

You could wear it semi-meta-ironically? Get it here.

ID: 827147

12. Heal a broken heart with these earrings.

Available here.

ID: 829733

13. Pour one out for lost love into this anti-Valentine wine glass.

Available here.

ID: 827134

14. Let T-Swift’s experiences serve as a reminder.

She just gets it. Buy one here.

ID: 827182

15. Say it with embroidery.

Available here.

ID: 827191

Available here.

ID: 829681

This actually seems like an incredibly crafty/cruel way to facilitate a breakup in the first place.

ID: 829678

18. This set of some Etsy seller’s ex-boyfriend-bedecked nesting dolls will cure whatever ails you.

These are incredible.

ID: 827253

19. Buy a boyfriend in a bottle.

Don’t they kind of look like One Direction? (Except for the bottles.)

ID: 829690

20. Bid society’s ideal of romance goodbye with this gym bag.

Available from Someecards.

ID: 829946

21. Remember that no matter how bad it gets, it’s better than living in this movie.

I haven’t thought about Vince Vaughn in probably a year. Get this upcycled notebook here.

ID: 827204

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