17 Reasons Why The World Can’t End Tomorrow

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1. Because it’s pay day.

Pay day and end of the world tomorrow.. hopefully I haven't worked for a month for nothing.

Of course the world would chose to end on my pay day. At least I won't die broke

2. Because it’s Friday.

Sucks the world's gotta end tomorrow...on a Friday. Why can't it end on a Monday or something, a day where nobody cares??

The world ends on a Friday... End of a week... Ain't that just perfect timing.

3. Because these people have appointments.

The world can't end tomorrow! I have a dentist appointment on Saturday! hahaha

the world can't end tomorrow because I have a mani pedi appointment on the 22nd :(

4. Because the Royal Baby hasn’t been born.

The world can't end on Friday, we have to wait for the Royal Baby. Look at William and Kate saving the world with their love for each other

5. Because this person hears Daft Punk has a show in the future.

The world can't end I hear daft punk is headlining Coachella 😁👍

6. Because of weed.

7. Because these people still haven’t met One Direction.

I haven't met all of Directioners; much less One Direction. The world cannot end. I refuse to let it. I will stop Satan myself.

but, the world can't end tomorrow because i still haven't fucked a member of one direction.

I don't want to let the world end i still want to meet one direction and getting a follow of them :'( and to marry them :D

8. Or Justin Bieber.

The world can't end before I meet Justin Bieber. Oh, and before I can totally make my parents proud of me. Yeah, so just wait mother earth

9. Or both.

The world can't end, I haven't married a member of 1D / Justin Bieber yet. Slow down - I'm still working on it!!!

10. Because it’s almost Christmas.

The world can't end today! I've been waiting all year for Christmas ham!

Why does the world have to end tomorrow why can't it end after Christmas ughhhhh.

11. Because these people have never been kissed :(

12. Because these people have never been laid.

13. Because the new season of “Honey Boo Boo” hasn’t started yet.

The new season of honey boo boo comes out in January. The world better not end cause I can't miss that shit!

I don't care. The world can't end because I'm gonna be very upset if I don't get to watch the new season of Honey boo boo. There. I said it.

14. Because these people haven’t gotten their driver’s licenses.

The world can't end Friday because I haven't even gotten my driver license..

15. Because she has to finish her life’s work.

THE WORLD CAN'T END GUYS. I haven't finished making a unicorn onesie for my cat. So gods postponing the end of the world for me. #Calm" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23Calm">#Calm

16. Because he hasn’t achieved his hopes and dreams.

The world can't end now! I ain't get a chance to had a wife n kids and stuff 😪😣😒

17. Because she has sh!t to do.

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