16 Weird And Wonderful Election-Related Crafts You Can Own

Etsy sellers can always tell exactly what this nation needs. And right now what we need is a crocheted Mitt Romney yarmulke and Paul Ryan’s face on a marshmallow.

1. Some crafts transcend party lines, like this portrait of “Kitt Romney” and “Bark Obama”:

You’re welcome for single-handedly finishing your Christmas shopping for you already. Buy this at FullFrogMoon.

ID: 671491

2. Many are candidate-specific. Like these “Baracas”:

Buy these from Baracas2012, instantly alienate your friends and neighbors (regardless of party affiliation) with your incessant rattling.

ID: 671250

3. Romney yarmulke:

Buy this from gsager. Actually buy enough for every guest at your niece’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah.

ID: 671258

4. A print of Obama riding a lion:

The wall art that’s sure to offend and puzzle your guests. From sharpwriter.

ID: 671254

5. Oven Mitt Romney:

From itsallingoodpun.

ID: 671485

6. Earrings containing a very teeny Barack and Michelle:

Available from SynShine.

ID: 671277

7. A ceramic party cup with a protruding mini-bust of Romney:

From littlechairprinting, who also offers an Obama version.

ID: 671266

8. If the lion didn’t do it for you, perhaps you’d prefer a print of Obama with a stalk of broccoli:

From seller louisbuchetto’s item description: “Q: Does Barack Obama really Love Broccoli? A: Yes he does, broccoli and spinach are his favorite vegetables, and that’s why I voted for him;)”

ID: 671301

9. Romney soap:

It’s vanilla scented. From SoapWeapons.

ID: 671285

10. Obama license plate:

Won’t serve as a legal license plate but oh well. From License2Spell.

ID: 671479

11. Ryan and Romney party box!

It contains a vast array of candy, including two jumbo marshmallows with the GOP candidates’ faces on them. Buy this treasure at FeteSetter.

ID: 671421

12. Did you not finish that bottle of Shiraz? That’s OK, these Obama wine stoppers can help.

From cleverbird23.

ID: 671335

13. Smell like the commander-in-chief:

Available from GreenPlanetOrganics. From the product description: “A clean and refreshing blend of aquatic fragrant notes are sure to embellish confidence and bring out the president in you!”

ID: 671338

14. Pop a few Romney Hershey Kisses:

From myhtmdesigns.

ID: 671502

15. Let your pet’s political flag fly with this button:

Available from thedogcoatlady (for only $1).

ID: 674101

16. What time is it? Ba-clock Obama time!

Oh my god, just kidding, it isn’t actually named that, sorry. From backstreetcrafts.

ID: 671419

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