Baz Luhrmann Rules

Sorry, Moulin Rouge haters — it’s time to unlock your cold, stone hearts. Before The Great Gatsby opens this weekend, let’s take a look at why its director is so great.

1. Baz Luhrmann stands alone in Hollywood.

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2. Nobody is quite as in love with love as Baz is.

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3. Like, this is basically his personal life philosophy, and where else can you get that in Hollywood?


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4. And there is no one who better understands that sometimes, more really is more.

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8. But Baz also knows how to capture smaller, beautiful moments, like the first time Romeo and Juliet see each other.

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10. Or this lovely dancing sequence in Strictly Ballroom:

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11. Who else would have the guts to revive the movie musical — using established pop songs?

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12. No one else, that’s who.

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13. Baz also transformed Leonardo DiCaprio into an undeniable heartthrob.

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14. Before this movie? Scrawny indie actor. After this movie? A TITANIC DREAMBOAT.

All thanks to Baz.

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15. This shot alone of Leo walking jump-started tens of thousands of girls and boys into puberty.

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16. Lots of people also suddenly discovered that Ewan McGregor was super dreamy after Moulin Rouge, too.

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17. And let’s not forget Romeo + Juliet featured this killer adorable move from Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd! So adorable! And who knew he could do Shakespeare? Oh wait, that’s right, Baz Luhrmann did.

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18. Baz is also really, really good at filming kissing.

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20. Like, it makes your heart ache, with all the great kissing.

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21. That’s some crazy romantic smooching right there.

ID: 1152361

22. Even when the kissing is denied, it’s still pretty amazing.

Claire Danes is all, “I can’t even handle it with how adorable you are right now, Leo.”

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23. Even secretly tragic kissing is the best.

(She’s sad because she knows she’s going to die, like, a second later.)

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24. And nobody races into the cathartic ecstasy of tragedy better than Baz.

ID: 1152015


ID: 1152007

26. So so wonderfully sad.

ID: 1152042

27. Tears — so many exquisite tears.

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31. Let’s be honest, though: Australia is kind of indefensibly bad. But it does have one redeeming quality.

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37. And good luck with The Great Gatsby!

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