Mr. Robison
I am a man that needs no introductions. Wait, you don't know me, why how rude of me. I'm Cody and I love movies, I just don't always like them.
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  • The Red Viper For The Demon Head (5 Reasons Why GOT’s Pedro Pascal Would Make The Perfect Ra’s Al Ghul)

    Last Sunday’s Game of Thrones was not only another thrilling entry in the show’s four season run, but also concluded with one of the most tragic deaths in it’s bloody history. If reaction videos are to be believed, the loss of Oberyn Martell rates a close second to the much touted “Red Wedding” of last season. This is even more shocking due to the fact that Oberyn’s entire arc lasted only seven episodes (and maybe an hour of screen time). It’s my and many other’s conclusion that the popularity lies not just in the popularity of the character, but in his portrayal by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal. Heartbroken like many others at losing such a charismatic actor in genre show me and my friend’s brainstormed where we would like to see him again, when it hit me. Batman’s most powerful foe and wittiest rival…Ra’s al Ghul.

    Mr. Robison 4 months ago respond

  • How To Make The Perfect James Bond Series

    What follows is how I believe the producers and film-makers can make a “perfect” Bond series using the Cast and Crew of the current continuity. I also know I will be largely ignored, but if the internet isn’t for loudly voicing ones own opinions, then I don’t know what it’s for. Porn, it’s for porn isn’t it.

    Mr. Robison 9 months ago respond