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    • Zuckerton

      Suppose I’ll be the one to “ruin it for everybody”.Iwouldn’t sayI”read too much into things”, If anything, that would be the person that made this list. I’m more ofaperson who enjoys looking at the correctness of claims.Ienjoy the Walking Dead and Toy Story and those these are quite humorous, shall we analyze some of these claims? A. Rick isaDeputy, notaSheriff. B. He wasn’t the leader until later andIwouldn’t call the group “misfits”, they’re ordinary people.Shane was the leader first, which is the opposite of how it is in Toy Story. In Toy Story Buzz replaces Woody in The Walking Dead, Rick replaces Shane. C. At the beginning, Woody hates Buzz, but they become friends later. In Walking Dead, Rick and Shane are friends at first and become enemies later. These two are opposites as well. D. Rick killed Shane because Shane was going to kill him. Woody attempted to kill Buzz because of jealousy. E. Though Beth lives in the Country, but there is no indication of her beinga”Cowgirl” and she doesn’t “Yodel”, she sings. F. Hershel doesn’t havea”Walking Stick” until Season 3. G. They don’t “Discover” the community, nor are they welcomed with open arms, they’re taken hostage and tortured. H. Woody tried to escape and failed. Rick wasn’t there to escape, he was there to rescue Glenn and Maggie and did so successfully. I. In The Walking Dead, they scared off the group they saved and that group joined the group that is against them. J. Andrea was sleeping with the Leader of the bad guys, Barbie was not. You can make anything look like something else if you leave out certain details.

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