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Body Shop Mixups

Brandon Ortwein has been rocking it lately with a series called The Body Shop Mixups. All his prints are available for purchase.

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  • "Jumping Gigawatts! With this body shop mix up it gives new meaning to the saying "jumping through time". Yeeeehaaaaa!"

  • "The Duke boys must be pretty angry at the Hazard County body shop guy. Looks like he mixed up the parts order for their new door. He is soooo Busted."

  • "Someone at the body shop got the parts ordered all wrong. I don't think we got the right door."

  • "You go to get a little body work done after a long day of defending the earth from evil robots and they install the wrong disguise. You won't find any happy toys in the trailer of this truck. Mash up between Optimus Prime from the cartoon series Transformers and the Happy Toys Truck from the Movie Maximum Overdrive."

  • "Not the parts you've been looking for. When these two went into the body shop the last thing they thought was that they would be leaving with the wrong parts." (