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17 Things Couples Who Work Out Together Know

I can't feel my legs when I'm with you, but I love it.

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1. Having your partner around to spot you means you can train harder and heavier.

Learn to build trust over heavy machinery, because your partner literally has to have your back.

3. It's completely fine to co-ordinate lycra to reach maximum couple potential.

#RelationshipGoals + #StyleGoals = Instacouple powerhouse.

4. You both understand the pure hell of finding an unwashed protein shaker from last night's training sesh. / Via MISCGIFS.TUMBLR.COM

Satan himself could not create a more pungent smell.


7. It's a fact that judging other people's workout style is just more fun together.

Two sets of evils on the guy that keeps dropping the darn weights is better than one.

8. Trying to walk after leg day? You both know the pain and can wallow in self pity together.

Too many squats, lunges, and extensions means you're staying in bed all day after, but at least you know there will be cuddles.


12. Working out together boosts both of your endorphin levels. / Via HTTP://

Time to go home and finish off that workout. In bed.


17. But arguments will never last long because you both know that couples who train together, stay together.

And have much better make-up sex. It's proven.