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    17 Things Couples Who Work Out Together Know

    I can't feel my legs when I'm with you, but I love it.

    1. Having your partner around to spot you means you can train harder and heavier.

    2. And it gives you both time to stand back and appreciate each other's perfectly formed assets.

    Your workout eye candy just got much tastier.

    3. It's completely fine to co-ordinate lycra to reach maximum couple potential.

    4. You both understand the pure hell of finding an unwashed protein shaker from last night's training sesh.

    5. Having someone to share your grilled chicken and sweet potato diet with makes it a little more bearable. / Via

    Let's face it, there's only so many ways to cook a damn chicken.

    6. And cheat day is like date night on crack.


    Clean trackies, Domino's on speed dial. πŸ• 🍟 🍩

    7. It's a fact that judging other people's workout style is just more fun together.

    8. Trying to walk after leg day? You both know the pain and can wallow in self pity together.

    9. But it's also good to have someone there to motivate you to get up and go again the next day.


    But never before coffee. Ever.

    10. You're completely fine with seeing each other at your worst


    A little bit of sweat never hurt anybody, after all, and unflatteing trackies are pretty much your couples' uniform.

    11. In fact, seeing each other in a clean and dressed up state just looks a bit weird.


    A zip? Sorry, what?

    12. Working out together boosts both of your endorphin levels.

    13. And the steamy showers together after are worth all the effort.

    ABC Family

    If you think about it, you're actually just being selfless and saving the environment.

    14. Your friends may not understand your lifestyle, but it doesn't matter because your other half is there to talk in gym code with you.

    Warner Bros

    You're swolemates.

    15. But if your mates ever do want to come along, combining both of your guest passes means you've got everyone covered. / Via WHATSHOULDWECALLWANDL.TUMBLR.COM

    Party at the gym, you're all invited.

    16. If you ever get into an argument, heading to the gym for a round of sparring together can be highly therapeutic.

    BBC One

    Ah sorry, I didn't mean to hit your face. With my fist.

    17. But arguments will never last long because you both know that couples who train together, stay together.

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